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Blues Guitar Lessons

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“from beginner through expert Guitar Tricks has it all, including blues guitar lessons on DVD. I was getting stale and felt I was done learning. I still was getting gigs, but I did not feel I had anything new to offer my audience until I discovered Guitar Tricks. Whether it is learning the style of your favorite guitar player or learning a new genre, Guitar Tricks has it all. I have new life and my audience gets more from my performances. It is by far the best online guitar teacher I have ever experienced. I love it.”

A DVD bundle that’s designed to make anyone a solid blues guitar player.

  • 12 DVDs of lessons
  • 4 CDs of backing tracks
  • 2 notation books
  • 60 Day return policy
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  • $14.95 / month
60 Days Guarantee

60 Days Guarantee





BBB Rated #1

BBB Rated #1




Try our 14 day free trial. You can’t lose, you may find out the key to learning to play blues guitar. I don’t usually promote other programs unless they stand out. This on is outstanding. Don’t miss it. Try for our other guitar lesson review-Jamplay Review also.

Online Guitar Lessons, Coaching and Mentoring

Scientific guitar coaching

Your guitar teacher, coach or mentor is ready for home school lessons.

A review of how a qualified guitar teacher operates.

1. New students will almost always be uncertain about
being in lessons as your student unless the he/she already
knows a lot about your good qualities as a teacher and has
had some positive experience in the past with other
teachers. Don’t spend a lot of time talking about yourself or
your credentials (unless the student is asking about this)
during the first lesson, but you must grab the student’s
attention and instill confidence in your ability as a teacher.
At this point, you need to communicate and convince
him/her that:

– I can teach you, train you and mentor you through the
process of reaching your true potential,

– You can learn to play guitar and achieve serious results.
… many students may not doubt ‘you’, but they doubt
‘their own potential to learn to play guitar’. You need to
reassure them that they can and will learn how to play
guitar the way they always dreamed about (because you
intend to teach them exactly that!)

2. The first lesson sets the tone for the relationship the two
of you establish and grow for months (and hopefully years)
into the future. From the beginning you need to gently but
firmly communicate with the students what your
expectations are for him/her.

– If there are books you want them to buy, have that
written down on paper for them as soon as they walk in the

– Talk about minimum practicing expectations.

– Talk about being on time for lessons, etc.

You can do this orally, but I highly recommend having all of
this written down on paper so the student takes these
issues, and you, seriously. It is much easier to begin
firmly & relax things later (if necessary) than it is to gain
their respect after a laid back start without clarity of what is
expected from the student (and what the student can
expect to get out of the lessons and you).
In addition, you should communicate exactly what the
student can expect from you.

Unless the student is a total beginner, you will hear the
student play for the first time during your first lesson. Try
to be very encouraging after hearing him/her play for the
first time. Avoid a lot of negative criticism of the student’s
playing. Do not overwhelm the person with lots of problem
areas you feel need to be fixed.

Once a good working relationship has been established
between the two of you, it’s much easier to refine areas of
his/her guitar playing in a more blunt way. A person’s
playing is a personal thing and you can crush their
confidence if you focus too much on the negatives
right away. Always discuss the positives first. For this lesson,
find one negative thing to point out that you suspect can be
resolved now and without too much problems. Our natural
tendency as teachers is to try to fix the most fundamental
problems first because that is the most logical way to go
about mastering something. That truly is the best way to fix
virtually all problems in the universe EXCEPT when dealing
with HUMAN BEINGS!. In other words, don’t try to fix
a human problem in the same order that you would try to fix
a computer problem.

Now go read the guitar lesson reviews and decide which teacher in one of the recommended courses can hip you up in terms you understand, with a personality you like and can communicate with. Now go do it…..

Learn Guitar and Improve Brain Function

You might like all of these types of music, you might like a few of these, or you might not like any of them at all. Your brain somehow makes sense of music and allows you to make the decisions about your musical taste. Though this site deals with the type of guitar lessons online which are rated tops.
Classical – Pop – Rap – Blues – New Age – Folk – Chicago Blues – Rock – Country – Jazz
At its most basic level, music is just sound. Sound produced by vibration. These harmonic vibrations can be caused by voices, musical instruments or by objects hitting each other. Sounds are carried to the ear by changes in air pressure. Music itself has several important characteristics such as rhythm, pitch, timbre and melody.

The ear converts sound waves into movement by vibrating specific parts of the middle and inner ear. This movement is then converted into electrical signals that travel in the eighth cranial nerve to the brain. The figure on the right shows the location of the eighth cranial nerve (vestibulocochlear nerve). From the ear, auditory information travels first to the brain stem, then to the thalamus, and then to the auditory cortex in the temporal lobe on both sides of the brain.

In the early 1990s, an experiment was done which seemed to show that listening to classical music could improve memory! This effect has come to be known as “The Mozart Effect” because the musical selection that seemed to improve cognitive skills and memory was a song by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Many people read about this experiment in popular magazines and newspapers and thought that listening to classical music would be a good way to improve muscle memory and increase intelligence.


Hello Danny,

I wanted to write with regard to your golf instruction article about the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. Maybe divine providence brought me to your post because, golf-wise, I was on life support. As you already know, I’m an advocate of your guitar lessons. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that you write about golf instruction too. Learning the golf swing is even more difficult than learning how to play guitar but your advice about OVER THE TOP GOLF really helped. It turned out to be a simple approach to the golf swing that everybody should be able to do. Unlike golf lessons that required me to keep going back, this golf swing method is as easy to correct as it was to learn. That’s because it consists of just five set-up changes so a quick check of my golf swing usually tells me which one I’m doing incorrectly.

That was wonderful advice you gave me about your Stevie Ray Vaughan technique. Now it feels a lot more natural, like I can somehow channel him. Last week a few of us guitar players got together and I must say that I impressed the others with my new-found licks.

So Danny, since you have been such a positive influence on my golf swing and guitar playing, I wanted to say thanks and to wish you a happy new year. I’ll give you the old thumbs up when I use the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing and be happy to pass along the web site address to anyone who needs golf instruction. As you know, it has been my pleasure in the past to send friends to you for guitar lessons. Simple methods work best, right? Always a pleasure learning from your informative articles.

Curly Sue

Why Online Guitar Lessons are a Recipe for Success

When you get down to brass tacks, the evidence suggests some of the online guitar lessons offered stand well above the others. As far as I’m concerned, the job of a qualified guitar teacher is to make sure you experience success in the early stages of development. It’s easy to make mistakes in the beginning stages of your new addiction.

An excellent teacher will avoid allowing anything but perfect technique. The question remains, how to find a good instructor. By now you may have figured out lots of people sell online guitar lessons. In reality, there are more reviewers than sellers of lessons. Who to believe.

Making mistakes and correcting them is part of learning guitar and never ends. Some mistakes get corrected and new ones develop. It’s a never ending and fun challenge. The finest lessons spend time in the beginning teaching the basics, mistakes are necessary to growth, develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.

Learning the basics properly will eliminate mistakes by more than you can imagine. So time spent in the beginning, learning proper technique actually saves time later on correcting mistakes. Correcting mistakes is much more difficult in later stages after they are ingrained in your mind. In your muscle memory.

If I am not making mistakes, than I’m not learning. So, I am always pressing to learn more, I understand that promotes mistakes, I also know that by practicing the troublesome area enough times, I will start to learn said piece of music and eventually with enough accumulated practice time, become very proficient at the piece of music.

I did not learn online. There was no internet when I learned guitar in the early ’60’s. Only strict, professional full service guitar teachers. Nothing like the private tutors of today, where they rush you in and out, not concerned if you really learned the lesson or not. It’s just not cost effective to learn guitar in person anymore.

Online guitar lessons provide the richest and most fertile resources to learn guitar. Both fast and effectively. It’s important to review each guitar curriculum with plenty of detail. You have a choice of Video guitar lessons which are outstanding and great for anyone learning guitar.

DVD guitar lessons are excellent for someone interested in a structured year long curriculum as an excellent and affordable alternative to private lessons. Not only do you have the material on DVD to go over as many times as you want, but you can pass it down to someone else someday.

I think DVD guitar lessons are great guitar lessons for beginners, and they are setup as learn at home guitar lessons. You have to learn more about the subject before any decisions are made. Educated consumers make better decisions. That is a proven fact.

The bottom line is this,  to learn guitar is fun, it improves your memory, makes you more popular and is not against the law. How many things can claim all of that, and be legal? Join me, have fun, and entertain yourself and your friends. Online guitar lessons rule!


Live, Interactive Video Guitar Lessons.. 7 Days a Week

If their is any doubt in your mind about how effective online guitar lessons are, then know this: What is said beginning in the next sentence about video guitar lessons is how the gap is being closed between online video guitar lessons, and private ones. Now you can interact live with your guitar teacher online.

Does it cost any more? There is no way you can get as personal on the internet.  No, it does not cost anymore, it’s part of high technology. With webcam to cam, chat and texting, there is no sacrifice anymore. In fact you can take as many lessons a week for less than 20 bucks a month. Advance faster online.  How can private lessons compete with that for 5 times as much per month, or up to 10 times as much in some areas?

Exclusive to JamPlay and the educational guitar market, JamChat offers you the ability to interact with their instructors via text chat and webcam-to-webcam video stream. With daily sessions and varying curriculum, you can now bridge the gap between the convenience of video guitar lessons online and the effectiveness of in-person instruction.

  • Open participation for all members
  • Free with a JamPlay Membership
  • Broadcast your own video stream
  • Get help from pro instructors
  • Regular open mic nights, show your skill
  • Webcam-to-webcam capability
  • 30,000 Hours Delivered since 2009
  • 8+ hours of live sessions – daily

Learn at home guitar lessons for beginners, adult guitar lessons, learn easy guitar chords, learn guitar scales, learn everything guitar at Jamplay. Or get your money back.

Perform When and if You Want with Online Guitar Lessons

Maybe you want to take online guitar lessons so that you can perform one day, but for a lot of folks music is a more personal thing. Either way, you probably want some say in when and how you first get up on the stage. Sites like Jamplay and Guitar Tricks give you that freedom.

If you’ve never taken standard studio lessons, then you may not have experienced a recital. It’s a standard practice for most traditional music instructors, though. At least a few times a year, and more often for some teachers, students are required to perform in front of an audience.

Another common practice in standard music lessons is to bring the students together regularly and make them perform for each other. The students take turns playing, then they receive comments, advice and in some cases criticism. This is pretty uncomfortable for an introvert, and outright torture for those with anxiety.

There’s certainly wisdom in these forced performances for some students, but for others it can be extremely stressful. Music is a very personal art, and most prefer to share it when and if they choose. Not just that, but some aspiring guitarists have no intention of ever performing in front of an audience. They might be learning for the purpose of songwriting, or even just for personal fulfillment.

Music makes great therapy and terrific stress relief, so it’s a little unfair that folks who have anxiety issues or just don’t like being in front of large groups of people have to choose between being very uncomfortable or missing out on playing an instrument altogether. At sites like Jamplay, though, there are no recitals. You have access to a community of fellow musicians if you choose, but no one at Guitar Tricks will ever pressure you into getting on stage if you don’t want to perform.

Even if you do want to perform, you’re probably more comfortable making your own decision about when and where that happens. You’ll have a better experience all around, and be more likely to want to perform again, if your first time on stage is a gig in front of music fans instead of at a recital hall full of friends and family who feel obligated to be there.

Online guitar lessons are all about freedom and choice, and when and where you share your music is pretty much the most important choice there is for a guitarist.

Online Guitar Lessons for Average People

If you are of average intelligence or somewhat above average in intelligence, than learning to play the guitar is a great way to improve yourself. People who know how to play a musical instrument, or are learning to do so, at any age are sharper than folks who don’t, for the most part. My focus here is on how to find the BEST learn at home guitar lessons or course, and then put them to work.

I am a guitar lesson consultant. I am qualified to say so since I have had serious classical guitar training in private in the early 60’s, from a disciple of one of the greatest guitar players ever, when I was 9 years old. Andres Segovia. And, later on in my life, way after switching to electric guitar, I have tried an abundance of different online guitar courses, at my expense, seeking to find the BEST ones, through a traffic jam of courses to choose from.

My interest stemmed from my guitar lesson experiences and having to find out how so many folks can claim to have the best product. It was easy to see that certain online guitar lesson websites, only of the best caliber, employed a large array of top grade guitar teachers some of whom are well known guitar players. And only a few DVD guitar lessons passed my test, they were packaged well ones, organized properly and were of the highest quality. Truly a superior product.

These are the best Learn at Home Online Guitar Lessons out of thousands. These course are recommended because I paid to use the sites, or buy the DVD guitar lesson product. These are grade A guitar lessons, not average at all. The great part about them is that the average person can use them because the internet is so advanced.

For those who are getting ready to take guitar lessons for beginners-kids, or adult guitar lessons, even if you are a beginner adult. The process of learning to play guitar will make you smarter and make you thing faster and remember more. It’s my personal method of increasing my memory.

It has been known for years by the education industry that kids and children who learn to play a musical instrument in the younger grades have better cognitive skills. Well there is no law saying an adult won’ become smarter and think faster too by learning guitar. So the fallacy of saying I’m to old to learn is nonsense. Doctors recommend using your mind to keep it healthy.

I’m not a big time book reader, so asking me to read to keep my mind sharp is a task. If you ask me to practice the guitar everyday for an hour, or a half hour, well, that is fun, so I will be glad to, and look forward to said exercise. So, the way we choose to sharpen ones mind has to be fun and absorbing.

Learning the guitar is both fun and absorbing and will make you think faster and remember more. Well, those are the minimal good things about becoming a good guitar player. Don’t be average, and take my tips on learn at home guitar lessons. Online guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.